Client and Family Centred Practice

We provide support for all disorders and diagnoses related to speech therapy and treat clients from all walks of life including infants and the elderly.

About Us

Lauren Taljaard Speech Therapy was established in 2014 and provides Speech Therapy services to clients of all ages, including infants and the elderly. We treat all disorders and diagnoses related to the vast scope of a Speech Therapist’s practice, as well as the challenges that often accompany these disorders.

We set realistic goals for therapy, and use a variety of techniques to attain these goals. Most therapy occurs at school, but home and hospital visits can easily be arranged if it suits the client better.

Our Services

Early Childhood Development

Assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of specific speech, language, and hearing delays or impairments in early childhood.

Neurological Impairments

Managing feeding and communication difficulties resulting from traumatic brain injuries or neurological impairments.

Hearing Screenings

Promoting optimal hearing health, identifying children who may suffer from hearing loss, and making the appropriate recommendations and referrals.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Providing augmentative and alternative communication options for clients who are unable to communicate verbally.

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Support and management of the physical processes involved in feeding and swallowing.

We Provide therapy

We provide various therapy options for problems with articulation, fluency, resonance, voice and feeding, as well as overall communication and comprehension. 

Why Choose Us?

We create personalised solutions for your unique speech therapy challenges and aim to do so in a caring and safe environment.


Maximize participation

Therapy sessions are planned according to each individual’s needs and interests, and are used in combination with different strategies in order to promote optimal participation.

Evidence Based Practice

We integrate clinically based evidence with practitioner expertise, improving the efficacy of intervention and rehabilitation.


Team approach to therapy

We work in close collaboration with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, teachers and other key role-players in the client’s life that could help them achieve their goals.

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